4334-H series 501 (50/Box)


LaMotte Chlorine/Bromine/pH Combo 3-Test Disk – Box of 50

The LaMotte 4334-H Free and Total Chlorine/Bromine/pH Combination 3-Test Spin Disk tests for these elements and can test up to 3 times on the same disk within a 24 hour period of opening. Each disk is divided into three sections, each section holds reagents for a separate test. You’ll be able to test (FCl, TCl, and pH or Bromine and pH) three times on the same disk, giving you 150 tests per 50 disks in the box. Each disk is individually wrapped in foil.

Product Features

  • Test 3 Parameters in 30 Seconds!
  • Free Chlorine: 0-15.0 ppm
  • Total Chlorine: 0-15.0 ppm
  • Bromine: 0-33.0 ppm
  • pH: 6.3-8.6 pH

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Correct Disk Filling – Multi-Use disks are not filled the same as single use disks

LaMotte Multi-Use Disks

Additional information

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