LaMotte Calibration Check Disk – Spin Touch 6 LEDs – 1705


This is a LaMotte Calibration Check Disk used in the Mobile WaterLink Spin Touch with 6 LEDs. Calibration disks are not interchangeable so if you have the older desktop model plugged into a computer this is not the disk you want.

The Disk consists of a disk with a permanently attached cover and does not require water. DO NOT PRY THE COVER OFF!
The Calibration Disk resets the LEDs in the meter so it can read all tests correctly.

The Check Disk is used to perform two calibration operations: Check Calibration and Start Calibration. Meters are calibrated at the time of manufacturer. However, it is possible for the calibration settings to be lost due to power anomalies or other circumstances. The Meter Check Disk is used to check calibration procedure to determine whether the alignment of the hub and disk are correct.

These disks can be used as often as needed for checking calibration.

LaMotte Check Disk – 1705-Instructions

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